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A policy for uncompromised safety

A complete product range of single or double leaf doors for protection of sensitive sites against manual and armed attacks.
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What are the advantages of the VITROPLUS doors ?
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High performance doors with a 10 year guarantee for transport infrastructures

INSUPLUS & PYROPLUS, door sets with thermal, fire rated and guaranteed durability, even in high-traffic areas.
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A solid base for a quality blend of glass and steel

Steel is the most resistant material for the realization of glazed door sets. Compared to aluminum, PVC and wood, it also offers the best resistance to intensive use, burglary and fire.

Specialized steel door manufacturer

Welcome to DOORTAL, a specialized steel door manufacturer since 1994. We invent, design and manufacture in France technical doors that answer to our customer’s needs: metallic doors for public places, sensitives sites, and all kind of custom specific doors for industrial buildings, theatre’s, datacentre’s etc. All our doors have certified performance and failsafe guarantees.

Based in the county of ‘’Ain’’ (next to Lyon), one of the main strengths of the company is its total ability to control the manufacturing process, from the design office to the testing laboratory, including the workshops.

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Custom-made steel doors with multiple performances

Can an anti-burglary door have a high rate for fire resistance? With DOORTAL the answer is YES.

The company offers complete solutions in:

  • acoustic and thermal insulation
  • fireproof protections
  • anti-burglary and anti-vandalism security

Today, it is a full range of products that can answer to many high technical needs whilst mastering the essential steel door functions such as high traffic, emergency exit evacuation, access control…

All values indicated by Doortal, whether thermal, fire-proof, acoustic, anti-burglary or bullet-proof, are justified by official certificates following tests done in approved laboratories according to European standards.

Ready-to-fix and 10 year warranty doors!

Forerunner regarding service, DOORTAL has built its success by inventing the exclusive ChronoFix®, concept, the 100% ready-to-fix door set with factory fitted equipment, broadly endorsed by professionals in the building trade, offering a substantial advantage in terms of time, cost and quality gain.

As a steel door manufacturer, the « DOORTAL 10 year warranty » proves DOORTAL’s commitment to quality. The DOORTAL steel door, exceptionally sturdy, is the fruit of a unique design ensuring its lasting stability in spite of intensive use:
- Steel tubular frame ensuring easy installation and strength of door set
- Leaf made of thick steel of 1.5 or 2 mm
- Strong hinges with stainless steel ball bearings
- Seals securely fixed

As part of their quality guarantee, all DOORTAL door sets are made from galvanized steel to provide lasting anti-rust protection. Combined with a powder-coating finish, the treatment has been tested in a laboratory according to European standards and has obtained the best rating.

- Insulated doors

- Fire rated doors

- Acoustic doors

- Anti-burglary doors

- High security armoured doors

- Transformer doors

- Glazed doors

- Sliding fire rated doors

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