SLIDEPLUS, sliding fire rated doors

SLIDEPLUS is a range of sliding fire doors with unrivalled performance on the market, with a high level of finish and ease of installation. The range has been designed in partnership with approved laboratories to validate the fire resistance characteristics and DAS compliance of the doors according to current standards.

In addition to the PYROPLUS fire doors and PHONIPLUS acoustic doors, the new SLIDEPLUS range can meet the requirements of many sites:

  • Logistics bases
  • Covered car parks
  • Industrial sites
  • Large-scale retail outlets

Sliding door with DAS compliance

A DAS door means that it is controlled by a fire detection system; it is held open by a restraint system and closes automatically in the event of an alarm. The regulatory context of a D.A.S. (Dispositif Actionné de Sécurité) is defined by the NF S 61-937 standard.

D.A.S tests for sliding doors consist of two things:

  • Mechanical tests on the door: control of the closing speed of the leaf, checking of the bounces at the end of the closing process, simulation of an obstacle, variation in the voltage of the electromagnet, etc.
  • Component testing: the electromagnet is the main component as it holds the door open and releases it in the event of a fire alarm. It must meet several resistance criteria (temperature 70°C, IP 42, electrical test, etc.). Similarly, any other components connected to the fire detection system must meet the requirements of the D.A.S. standard.

> The D.A.S. test have been realised on sliding doors of various sizes, up to 10 meters wide.

SLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante centre commercialSLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante centre commercial
SLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante pour centre de trieSLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante pour centre de trie
SLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante 1 vantailSLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante 1 vantail
SLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante de parkingSLIDEPLUS - Porte coulissante de parking

Fire resistant sliding doors

In the context of protecting goods and persons against fire, European standards distinguish two fire resistance ratings for products:

  • Fire integrity, E rating, corresponds to the protection against flames
  • Thermal insulation, EI rating, tougher, also takes into account the thermal insulation of the product in order to protect people near by the door

Fire tests are carried out in accordance with EN 1634-1. The door is installed in a support wall which itself is installed in front of an oven with an internal temperature close to 1000°C for a defined period of time. Depending on the type of premises, in particular in public buildings, the regulations define several fire resistance grades for products.

> SLIDEPLUS sliding doors have fire resistance ratings of EI 60 minutes and EI 120 minutes, even in very large sizes.

SLIDEPLUS, a sliding door that is easy to fix

All accessories are installed and preset at the factory, which ensures that the door set functions properly on site and makes installation much easier. Developed in-house, the counterweight system and the soft-close system allow for simple and reliable optimal adjustment over time.

Reduces size sliding door:

With a horizontal tubular rail track (straight rail track sliding door) the closing is operated by a counterweight allowing the installation faced mounted or under lintel when height is insufficient.

3 choices for positioning the counterweight

In order to adapt to all situations, the counterweight can be located at the front or at the back, but it can also be attached to the door leaf.

Contrepoids à l’avant :

Contrepoids à l’arrière :

Counterweight attached to the leaf:

Large size fire rated sliding door

Up to 10 meters wide and 7 meters high.
The fire resistance and DAS certificates cover a very wide range of dimensions, up to 10 m x 7 m and without minimum dimensions. The exclusive closing system of the door leaf guarantees easy operation even in the maximum dimensions. A single person can easily stop the door when closing it and return it to the open position.

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