BLOCUS, anti-burglary doors

As a specialist in armoured doors, also known as anti-burglary doors, DOORTAL manufactures a complete range of single and double-leaf high security doors to protect sensitive premises against manual and armed attacks.

BLOCUS, the armoured door par excellence, is the result of a design with no weak points. Made of steel, the material that provides the best protection against violent attacks, this anti-burglary door set is made of a thick steel leaf (2 mm double steel sheet) and a rigid welded tubular frame.

DOORTAL security door: unique features

Each anti-burglary door is equipped with hinge bolts to prevent the door leaf from being torn off even if the hinges are severed. Various solid steel reinforcements are integrated into the door leaf and frame, ensuring security while maintaining aesthetics. Because the locking system is an essential point of security for an armoured door, the BLOCUS lock offers an effective locking system thanks to 3 or 5 locking points and a solid steel handle. In order to manage the entrances and exits of secure premises, the BLOCUS 3 and BLOCUS 4 anti-burglary door models are equipped with motorised locks that can be combined with any type of access control: badges, fingerprint readers, keypads, etc. A top-of-the-range solution, the motorised armoured doors guarantee optimal security at all times.

Bloc-porte anti-effraction pour pièces de sécuritéBloc-porte anti-effraction pour pièces de sécurité
Porte robuste anti effraction BLOCUSPorte robuste anti effraction BLOCUS
Porte de chambre forte pour la protection de matériels portatifs.Porte de chambre forte pour la protection de matériels portatifs.
Porte pour lieux public wc, station service, aire d'autoroute, ...Porte pour lieux public wc, station service, aire d'autoroute, ...

High security door models

DOORTAL offers a wide range of anti-burglary doors to protect premises with common risks as well as the most sensitive buildings:

  • Security and fire doors
  • A2P CR4 armoured doors
  • Police forces doors
  • Bullet-proof doors
Couverture guide normatif - 02.2024

Normative guide for anti-burglary and bullet-proof Doors (French)

All models are covered by official certificates issued by the CNPP (National Centre for Prevention and Protection), according to European standards EN 1627, EN 1628, EN 1629 and EN 1630. Our anti-burglary doors also come with a 10-year guarantee.

Specimen des PV de porte

The BLOCUS armoured door can be equipped with a vision panel with laminated glass in accordance to the French standards EN 356 and EN 1063. As for the rest of the range, our security doors are powder coated in the standard colour white RAL 9010 or any other colour of the customer's choice.

Tools used according to performance:

Jeu d'outils A2

Tool set A2
- Resistance class CR2

Tool set A3

Tool set A3
- Resistance class CR3

Tool set A4

Tool set A4
- Resistance class CR4

Security and fire doors

Because burglary resistance is subject to increasingly high demands, and thanks to its level of experience and know-how, DOORTAL has been able to develop the long-awaited fire-proof armoured door models for the high-security market. The BLOCUS 3 and BLOCUS 4 door sets are respectively classified as anti-burglary CR3 and CR4 according to EN 1627 and EN 1630, and as fire-resistant 30 and 60 minutes according to EN 1634-1. These fire-resistant armoured door models offer a unique solution for protecting sensitive premises (banks, military buildings, law enforcement agencies, etc.) against all security-related risks: fire, burglary, armed attacks, etc.

A2P CR4 armoured doors

As an option, BLOCUS 4 doors are certified A2P CR4 in accordance with the H64 standard - "technical premises" door units and the T64-2 technical rules, as well as the reference standards EN 1627, EN 1628 and EN 1630. The specific A2P "H64" standard can be consulted on the website

Police forces doors

As a manufacturer of armoured doors, DOORTAL has developed specific models that meet the needs of the "gendarmerie" services (police forces): vault doors and security room doors.

This type of armoured door is equipped with a 5-point lock or two wall-mounted "Santé" locks and a wide-angle optical spyhole to ensure the safety of the police.

Passe grenade pour gendarmerie

Bullet-proof doors FB3 to FB4 and FSG

Tested in accordance with European standards EN 1522 and EN 1523, DOORTAL bullet-proof doors are classified as FB3 to FB4 and FSG depending on the model. These doors are designed to protect people against firearms and are intended for military buildings, banks and other strategic sites. The tests were carried out at the “Banc d'Epreuves des Armes et munitions”, a French laboratory approved for testing bulletproof equipment. The reports certifies the entire door unit: panel, lock, tubular frame, hinges, etc. for maximum resistance.

DOORTAL offers bullet-proof door classifications FB3 to FB4 and optional FSG, according to European standards EN 1522 and EN 1523.

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Ready-to-install security doors:

BLOCUS anti burglary and bullet-proof doors benefit from the ChronoFIX® concept: the equipment is factory fitted and the frame is fixed by simply screwing it on.

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Discover the anti-burglary tests in video:

A complete range of metal doors with laboratory certification.

This is how our doors are tested!

How are bullet-proof tests carried out?

In order to be able to benefit from the FB3, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7 and FSG classifications on our metal doors, we have carried out tests in an approved laboratory.

Here is an overview of our tests:

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