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Bloc-porte isolante ISOPLUS

Fire rated doors

Bloc-porte métallique robuste Ei120, 30 ou 60

Acoustic doors

BP isophonique pour salle événementiel

Anti-burglary doors

Porte performante anti-vandalisme.

High security armoured doors

NEXUS brochure - high security doors (French)


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Transformer doors

Nouveau concept porte de transformateur

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Sliding fire rated doors

Porte de parking coulissante et coupe feu en sous sol

Metallic doors

All Metal doors Doortal meet precise specifications in terms of design, manufacture and performance. Here, the products meet and anticipate the needs of the market, providing real guarantees. Cycling tests on test benches and control procedures defined for each production station guarantee optimum and lasting quality.

10 good reasons to choose DOORTAL metal doors

1. Robust leaf of 1.5mm or 2mm thick steel sheet

The leaf is made of two steel sheets, either 1.5mm or 2mm thick, depending on the product range. This is a true guarantee of stability and longevity and as a result the leaf can be cladded with heavy decorative panels if required.


2. Rigid steel frame with seam welded profiles

The door set with optimum stability. The frame is made of closed tube, with continuous welds on the back of the tube to maintain a perfect finish on the door set.


3. Hinges with maximum resistance*

(*in accordance to the EN 1935 standard)

Rolled hinges in 5mm thick steel, with stainless steel ball bearings. 200 000 cycles tested in accordance with the EN 1935 standard and certified grade 14 (maximum).

Paumelles 1

4. Ready to fix door sets

For optimum speed, all door sets are delivered ready to screw into place, with all equipment installed in factory for guaranteed working order on site.


5. In house designed rubber seals

Doortal has used its expertise to design exclusive rubber seals for its range of door sets. The composition of the material as well as the shape of these seals provides a suppleness that avoids any risk of leakage, even in the case of an irregular surface.


6. Ultimate anti-corrosion resistance

Many years of research and development in house and in partnership with external organizations have led Doortal to create a successful system of optimal surface treatment, guaranteeing an aesthetic finish and a lasting adhesion.

The system consists of a galvanized steel base with a very high performing powder coat finish.

This composition has been tried and tested in CETIM laboratories, as specified in the NF EN ISO 12944-6 standard for a C5 level system and high durability. It was awarded a high rating, classified ‘coastal’ for a duration surpassing 15 years.

Anti corroson - English,

7. Quality control

All our door sets are installed and tested in our factory (checking effective operation of furniture and leaf) for guaranteed functioning on site.


8. 10 year warranty

Doortal offers a 10 year warranty on all door sets mechanical resistance, without usage limitation.

Garantie 10 ans Doortal

9. Customizable design

All door sets are available in every RAL colour, and any other powder coated finish upon request. It is also possible to cover door sets with special cladding such as stone, wood, etc., due to the offset hinges, even allowing thick cladding.


10. Quotes received within 24 hours

95% of quotes received in less than 24 hours