DOORTAL, une belle histoire qui dure depuis 28 ans

Créée en 1994, DOORTAL initialement appelée AirEquip’, est avant tout une histoire industrielle française, avec la force mais aussi l’agilité de perspectives 100 % familiales. Depuis toujours, l’entreprise est implantée en bordure du département du Rhône sur la commune de Miribel “Les Echets” dans l’Ain (01).

Originally, Mr Jean-Paul GUILHOT decides to create the company, and manufactures sound attenuation splitters. Then, as time went by, his sons joined him and enhanced their offer by manufacturing and selling acoustic doors.

Constantly evolving and seeking new opportunities, DOORTAL designs new range of anti-burglary, insulated, bulletproof and fireproof steel doors.

Today, DOORTAL offers a complete range of technical steel doors. To discover more about the growth of the company, have a look at the history in a few key dates below:

Doortal in a few dates:


Creation of the company Air'Équip in Miribel-les-Échets (Ain), with a 400 m² manufacturing workshop, by Mr Jean-Paul GUILHOT and his sons.


Real estate investment and relocation of the company on the current site (5000 m²), in order to meet the growing demand.


AIR EQUIP’ change de logo.


Change of name: AirÉquip’ becomes DOORTAL.


The premises became too small and DOORTAL built new buildings in order to enlarge the production area and create more office space.


DOORTAL wishes to expand its range of technical doors: first fire tests in laboratory.


In order to cope with strong and constant growth, it became necessary to create a new production line with an added surface area of 2000 m² on two levels. 


DOORTAL modernises the logo !



On Tuesday 21 November 2017 DOORTAL inaugurates its new automated painting line for steel doors.


DOORTAL sets up a 3rd production line specialised in manufacturing large size doors.


Installation d’un centre d’usinage pour les bâtis

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