Doors with coated finish in any RAL or BS colour

In order to fit any architectural request, the door sets are available with every RAL or BS colour powder coating finish, and other colours on request.

DOORTAL powder coating in video:

100% dedicated automated paint line:

On the new automated painting line, inaugurated in November 2017, galvanised steel door sets are powder coated.
Specially designed for surface treatment of metal doors, this fully automated painting line guarantees consistent quality powder coating as well as optimal working conditions while taking into account environmental requirements.
A five-stage degreasing tunnel, a programmed temperature and baking time, several conveyor adjustment speeds, a colour identification by barcode... all these points make this painting line a high quality process.

Laboratory tested composition

The composition of the powder coating paints was tested in CETIM's laboratories, as prescribed in the NF EN ISO 12944-6 standards concerning the anticorrosive steel structures covered by paint systems (part 6: laboratory performance tests).

These tests were carried out for a C5 category system with high durability. The C5 category corresponds to coastal and maritime areas with high salinity; the high durability to paint systems has a resistance of fifteen years.

The results of the tests have established the conformity of DOORTAL doors at different levels:

  • neutral salt spray resistance: exposure time 1440 hours
  • water condensation resistance: 720 hours exposure time
  • adhesion before and after ageing test