ChronoFIX® concept: ready-to-fix door sets

Pioneer of the 100% ready-to-fix door set, DOORTAL designed a product with many benefits that results in high productivity on site.

How to install a DOORTAL door?

> Furniture factory-fitted

DOORTAL assembles and tests all hardware (locks, handles, door-closers, access control locking systems, etc.) to guarantee functioning on site.

> Dry application tubular frame

DOORTAL door sets have systematically been designed and tested in laboratories for dry application by simply screwing the frame in place and doing a silicon seal on each side.
As there is no concrete casting, the door sets can be mounted in any support wall: concrete, metal supporting structure, wood or other. The speed and simplicity to install these door sets adapts to new constraints: construction time scale reduced, less nuisance …

> Factory painting application

Door sets are available with a power coating finish in any RAL or BS colours, and other colours on request.

Instruction leaflet

Instruction leaflet