Architectural integration for invisible doors

An invisible door set

Find out more about our wide range of metallic doors with decorative panels.

Doors with decorative panels

All DOORTAL metal door sets are available as standard with a finish in the full RAL or BS colour chart or other colours on request.
And to go even further, DOORTAL also offers bi-colouring to integrate the door sets into their interior and exterior environment.

> Door with two different colour coating 100% customisable

Une porte DOORTAL bien cachéUne porte DOORTAL bien caché
DOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte sous tentureDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte sous tenture
Bloc porte intégré dans une porte de grandes dimensionsBloc porte intégré dans une porte de grandes dimensions
Porte avec habillagePorte avec habillage
Porte métallique, dissimulé dans sous un bardage.Porte métallique, dissimulé dans sous un bardage.
Porte DOORTAL invisible sous tenturePorte DOORTAL invisible sous tenture

Doors with decorative panels

In order to meet the most diverse architectural requirements, DOORTAL has designed offset hinges so that the door can be covered with a thick and heavy decorative panel. This makes the door set almost invisible and allows them to blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

With the EFECTIS accredited laboratory, DOORTAL design office delivers site advisories in order to guarantee the fire performance of door sets covered with various coatings (aluminium, wood, marble, etc.).

Some case studies of doors with decorative panels:

Thêatre du Maillon

Tour Eiffel

Pôle artistique
''La Fabrique''

Théâtre de l'Archipel