After-sales service and maintenance of steel doors

As an essential complement to our range of anti burglary doors equipped with access control systems, the Doortal after-sales service is organised to intervene quickly and efficiently throughout the country. Its technicians, all Doortal employees, are specially trained and have all the equipment and spare parts in their vehicle to operate and complete the after-sales service from the first intervention.

How to contact the DOORTAL service

and maintenance department? 

Need assistance with our products?
Need information on our maintenance contracts?
Our after-sales service team is at your disposal.

A single number!

+33 (0)4 72 26 27 00

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S.A.V. et maintenance

Découvrez en détail notre service après-vente et maintenance,
pour l’ensemble des blocs-portes de la gamme DOORTAL.

Brochure S.A.V. et maintenance


Maintenance of metal doors:

Several maintenance contracts have been developed according to the needs of each customer. Firstly, putting into service: a DOORTAL technician visits the site and checks the installation and connections, ensuring that the door set is ready for optimum use. Then, three types of maintenance contracts are available with an intervention time of 24 to 72 hours. Each customer benefits from a one-year guarantee on parts, travel and labour.

With this 100% dedicated after-sales service, DOORTAL supports installers and offers the end users essential peace of mind, particularly for the most sensitive premises.