NEXUS, high security armoured door

More than ever, security has become an essential issue for sensitive sites. Faced with threats of all kinds, the protection of goods and people now requires a response that suits the most specific risks. Helping to make your site inviolable is what led us to create NEXUS: a range of high-security door units designed to meet the most demanding specifications, whatever the sector of activity concerned.

>> A technical door that combines all the desired performances.

High security anti-burglary door

Destructive tests in an official laboratory (CNPP) guarantee resistance to attacks using manual or power tools. Our anti-burglary armoured doors have been tested for internal and external use, in single and double leaf versions to suit all configurations.
Available in motorised version with or without exit control (DAS NF S61-937 standard), our locks meet the specific needs of people’s management flow.

Bloc porte performant en haute sécuritéBloc porte performant en haute sécurité
Bloc-porte pour les banques, les bunkers,. Haute sécurité.Bloc-porte pour les banques, les bunkers,. Haute sécurité.
Porte blindée haute sécuritéPorte blindée haute sécurité
Bloc-porte de prison, réalisée par DOORTAL.Bloc-porte de prison, réalisée par DOORTAL.

Anti-burglary resistance ratings of high security doors

Découvrez ci-dessous, les classements anti-effraction et de résistance à l’effraction de nos blocs-portes selon les normes EN 1627 et EN 1630 :

CR3 door set
5 to 15 minutes (per point of attack)
Hand tools
CR4 door set
10 to 20 minutes (per point of attack)
Hand tools and cordless drill
CR5 door set
15 to 40 minutes (per point of attack)
Hand and power tools 230 V
NEW: CR6 door set
20 to 50 minutes (per point of attack)
Hand and power tools 230 V including grinder of 2300W of 230 mm diameter
meuleuse 2 300 W diamètre 230 mm

Tools used according to performance:

Tool set A4

Tool set A4
- Resistance class CR4

Tool set A5

Tool set A5
- Resistance class CR5

Tool set A6

Tool set A6
- Resistance class CR6

High security bullet-proof rated doors:

The aim is to protect people against ammunition and its projections, regardless of the firearm used: handgun, hunting weapon or war weapon. The range includes single and double leaf doors as well as fixed glazed panels. To ensure that there are no flaws, each component has been bullet-proofed: leaf, frame, lock, glazing and especially the junction and material assembly.

> Bullet-proof classification of our doors and ballistic resistance according to EN 1522 and EN 1523

Arme couramment utilisée pour les attaques.
Bullet-proof door set with FB3 / FB4 performance
Pistol with 44 Magnum and 357 Magnum calibres
Bullet-proof door set with FB5 / FB6 / FB7 performance
Rifle or shotgun calibre 5.56 x 45 or 7.62 x 51
Bullet-proof door set with FSG performance
Hunting shotgun calibre 12/70

High security fire doors:

How do you protect people and property in case of a fire? Our answer: by subdividing the premises with flameproof doors and/or fire resistant doors. These high-security door units, which can be classified up to 120 minutes (2-hour fireproof), gives time to the public to evacuate via the emergency exits, which are instantly unlocked. The buildings receiving the public or any other type of building can carry out their activities in complete peace of mind.

> Fire rating of our doors and fire resistance according to EN 1634-1 and EN 1363-1

EI² 30 fire proof door set
Flame resistance + thermal insulation 30 min.
EI² 60 fire proof door set
Flame resistance + thermal insulation 60 min.
EI² 120 fire proof door set
Flame resistance + thermal insulation 120 min.

High security blast proof door:

Whether it is the result of an accident or an act of terrorism, an explosion consists of a very high pressure through a blast that spreads against the walls of buildings. Our blast resistant doors and fixed panels, solid or glazed, have been designed to withstand this positive (pressure) or negative (vacuum) shock wave while allowing, if necessary, the evacuation of people after the explosion

> Classement anti-explosion de nos blocs-portes et résistance au souffle d’explosions

Porte anti-explosion

Certification obtained : blast-resistant door block 500 kg/m², 2 tonnes/m², 4 tonnes/m² and 10 tonnes/m² with or without functionality after impact.
Classements en cours d’étude : EPR 1 / EPR 2 door block according to EN 13123/124-1 

High security anti-ramming door

In order to be protected from ram raid attacks, some high-risk buildings have defined specifications for their needs in close collaboration with DOORTAL. Reinforced metal frames, high-strength hinges and an adapted lock have enabled our anti-ramming doors to meet this extreme resistance challenge. The protocol includes the test of 30 ram-strokes with a weight of 600 kg, thrown against the door at a speed of 3 meters/second.

> > Anti-ram resistant doors

Ram resistance: 600 kg anti-ram door set - 30 strokes at 3 metres/second.

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NEXUS anti-ram door tests:

Watch a video of our tests on our NEXUS high-security ram-proof doors!

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