Acoustic doors for the Kinepolis cinemas

Construction of 2 Kinepolis cinemas in Metz and Moulins-lès-Metz with 13 projection rooms and 2009 seats, including a large 356-seat room with a 7.95 m x 19 m screen, equipped with the latest technology.

Metz et son KinepolisMetz et son Kinepolis
Porte double vue d'extérieur acoustique.Porte double vue d'extérieur acoustique.
Kinepolis, Metz, salle de visionageKinepolis, Metz, salle de visionage
Secours pour salle de cinémaSecours pour salle de cinéma
Sallle de cinéma Kinepolis MetzSallle de cinéma Kinepolis Metz
Porte étanches au bruit, et isolantePorte étanches au bruit, et isolante

Products supplied:

  • 7 PHONIPLUS 50 door sets with sound attenuation of 53 to 54 dB
  • 7 PHONIPLUS 55 acoustic and fire rated doors with performances of 57 to 58 dB and EI60 fire resistant for some
  • 3 PYROPLUS 30 and 60 door sets, with 30 and 60 minutes fireproof and with acoustic performance up to 52 dB
  • 2 ISOPLUS 1.5 insulated door sets with a sound reduction of 35 Db



DOORTAL advantages :

  • Doors perfectly suited for emergency exits in cinemas:
    • high level of acoustic performance on all ranges, including fire resistance
    • excellent level of finish of the equipment’s and doors
    • thermal insulation and corrosion resistance for the doors in facades

Key players:

  • Project owner : Kinepolis
  • Architects : Greff Hypolite Architectes
                             & Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés

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