Bordeaux metropole arena: focus on acoustic performance

Construction of a 17 000 square meters multi-purpose venue, with a capacity of 11 000 seats in order to host large cultural, variety and sports events.

DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe ArénaDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna
DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna- Porte phoniplusDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna- Porte phoniplus
DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - SalleDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - Salle
DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - Porte phoniplus et pyroplusDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - Porte phoniplus et pyroplus
DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - Porte acoustiqueDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - Porte acoustique
DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - PhoniplusDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - Phoniplus
DOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - façadeDOORTAL - Bordeaux métroploe Aréna - façade

Products supplied:

Some hundred fire-proof and acoustic door sets – EI30/60 and Rw 45 to 52 dB – including 4 large sized

Technical specialities:

  • Very large door sets in the backstage area, around five meters by five meters, fire proof EI60 and acoustic 51 dB, with removable threshold in order to accommodate stage sets
  • Building with high acoustic performance for very little impact on the neighbourhood


2016 – 2017

DOORTAL advantages:

  • Acoustic performance successfully validated by onsite testing
  • High finish levels of door sets with built in equipment providing perfect harmony in the stands and around the stage

Key players:

• Architect: Agence Rudy Ricciotti
• Acoustics expert: Gamba Acoustique and APIA

Associated products