L’acoustique au plus haut niveau à Annecy

Interior renovation of the BRISE GLACE, a 1500 sq. m contemporary music venue on the shores of Lake Annecy dedicated to musical and artistic practices

DOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement façadeDOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement façade
DOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrementDOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement
DOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement bloc-porte phoniplusDOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement bloc-porte phoniplus
DOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement acoustique haute performanceDOORTAL - Studio d'enregistrement acoustique haute performance

Products supplied:

7 PHONIPLUS 55 single and double leaf doors installed in 6 different recording studios

Technical specialities:

  • Very high acoustic performance of 58 decibels (single leaf) and 57 decibels (double leaf)
  • Automatic drop seal and thin threshold bar at the bottom of the door for easy passage of heavy equipment



DOORTAL advantages:

  • IN-SITU tests have validated the acoustic performance
  • Concentrated performance: door sets only 80 mm thick and easy to operate

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