Anti-blast doors at the Enedis source station

Construction of an electrical substation in an urban environment requiring the development of specific solutions to protect the surrounding population from fire or explosion risks.

DOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS grande dimensionDOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS grande dimension
DOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS porte doubleDOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS porte double
DOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS bloc-porteDOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS bloc-porte
DOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS bloc-porte deux vantauxDOORTAL - Poste source ENEDIS bloc-porte deux vantaux

Products supplied:

6 NEXUS 2-hour fire proof doors, anti-blast 2 tons/m² and acoustic 40 dB and 3 PHONIPLUS 40 doors

Technical specialities:

  • ENEDIS locks with Dény round cylinder
  • Door sets with reinforced internal frame for combined blast and fire performance



Key players:

  • Project owner : ENEDIS
  • Architect : Zenith

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