Portes avec contrôle d’accès pour le musée des Confluences

The Musée des Confluences is a majestic art work of 350 million euros, a project with high architectural and technical requirements.

The combined performance of DOORTAL doors met the expectations. In addition to their very high acoustic, fire and thermal performance (up to 53 dB, 60 min and 1.0 W/m².K), our doors were also delivered with access control systems to ensure the management of flows. 

DOORTAL - Musée des ConfluencesDOORTAL - Musée des Confluences
DOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - PyroplusDOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - Pyroplus
DOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - Pyroplus porte coupe-feuDOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - Pyroplus porte coupe-feu
DOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - bloc-porteDOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - bloc-porte
DOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - bloc-porte coupe-feuDOORTAL - Musée des Confluences - bloc-porte coupe-feu

Products supplied:

About 60 ISOPLUS door sets, PYROPLUS and PHONIPLUS

Technical specialities:

  • Fire doors with access control and high acoustic ratings
    d’accès et classements acoustiques élevés
  • Bi-colour (leaves in two different colours – inside / outside)


2012 – 2015

DOORTAL advantages:

Technical door sets to meet the various constraints of the Museum:

  • technical aspects: acoustics, fire resistance, access control
    feu, gestion des flux
  • architectural design: in keeping with the interior and exterior environment
    l’environnement intérieur et extérieur

Key players:

  • Project owner: Département du Rhône
  • Project manager / Architecture : COOP HIMMELBLAU

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