Large size doors with decorative finish at the Maillon theatre

Modular and open to the outside, the new Théâtre du Maillon is a 7 000 sq. m structure located in the international business district of Strasbourg.

Bloc porte acoustique pour théâtreBloc porte acoustique pour théâtre
DOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon FaçadeDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon Façade
DOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon grande porteDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon grande porte
DOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte grande dimensionDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte grande dimension
DOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte sous tentureDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte sous tenture
DOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte sous tenturesDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon porte sous tentures
DOORTAL - Théatre du MaillonDOORTAL - Théatre du Maillon

Products supplied:

  • 52 PYROPLUS 30 and PYROPLUS 60 door sets with acoustic classification of 40 to 52 decibels, including 4 door sets of 4.6 meters high
  • 2 door sets PHONIPLUS 45 and BLOCUS 3

Technical specialities:

  • Very large fire and sound proof doors with integrated service door for easy passage of people
  • Decorative panels which installation on fire doors has been validated by Efectis lab



DOORTAL advantages:

As a specialist in acoustic solutions for more than 20 years, DOORTAL offers a complete range with cumulative performance that is particularly well suited for theatres

Key players:

  • Project owner: City of Strasbourg
  • Architecture : LAN
  • Acoustics: Cabinet Lamoureux
  • Metalwork: Laugel et Renouard

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