80 thermal and acoustic doors for a school

Mixt of rehabilitated and new buildings on a surface of approximately 23,000 sq. m, from the merge of 2 professional high schools.

DOORTAL - Lycée façadeDOORTAL - Lycée façade
DOORTAL - Lycée isolation thermique isoplusDOORTAL - Lycée isolation thermique isoplus
DOORTAL - Lycée isolation thermiqueDOORTAL - Lycée isolation thermique
DOORTAL - Lycée isoplusDOORTAL - Lycée isoplus
DOORTAL - Lycée porte isolanteDOORTAL - Lycée porte isolante
DOORTAL - Lycée porte isoplus thermiqueDOORTAL - Lycée porte isoplus thermique

Products supplied:

80 door sets with thermal, fire and/or acoustic insulation - ISOPLUS and PYROPLUS ranges

Avantages Doortal :

  • High thermal rating in accordance with the HQE requirements for new buildings
  • Door sets with a 10-year guarantee and built-in equipment, resistant to intensive use and damage


2017 to 2019

Key players:

  • Project owner: Champagne-Ardenne Region
  • Architect : AA Group

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