Large size acoustic door – the Lissiaco

Complex including a 450 sq. m auditorium and a 250 sq. m festival hall.

DOORTAL - Pole festif et culturel porte acoustiqueDOORTAL - Pole festif et culturel porte acoustique
DOORTAL - Pole festif et culturel - phoniplusDOORTAL - Pole festif et culturel - phoniplus

Products supplied:

Acoustic door with exceptional width to open the stage on the outside

Technical specialities:

  • PHONIPLUS 50 door set with very wide double leaves: 2 leaves of 3.40 m, i.e. a total opening of 7.00 m x 2.85 m high 
  • High acoustic performance: Rw = 53 dB
  • Easy opening of the leaves on hinges



Key players:

  • Architect : Cabinet REICHART et FERREUX
  • Project owner : Commune de Lissieu
  • Project Management: Cabinet PROCOBAT

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