Juraparc multipurpose hall

Rebuilding and renovation of a multifunctional hall, following a fire that destroyed part of the building, with a capacity of 5 000 people in five modular spaces.

DOORTAL - Jurapard façadeDOORTAL - Jurapard façade
DOORTAL - Jurapard pyroplusDOORTAL - Jurapard pyroplus
DOORTAL - Jurapard pyroplus coupe-feuDOORTAL - Jurapard pyroplus coupe-feu
DOORTAL - Jurapard porte coupe feuDOORTAL - Jurapard porte coupe feu
DOORTAL - Jurapard double vantauxDOORTAL - Jurapard double vantaux
DOORTAL - Jurapard coupe-feu et isolanteDOORTAL - Jurapard coupe-feu et isolante

Products supplied:

22 ISOPLUS 1.5, PYROPLUS 30 and PHONIPLUS 40 door sets installed mainly on the periphery of the building

Technical specialities:

  • Air, water, wind (AEV) and acoustic performance door sets to meet specific site needs
  • Robust and unobtrusive door equipment, including anti-panic systems, to ensure longevity in close proximity to the public



Key players:

  • Project owner: City of Lons-le-Saunier
  • Architect : AA Group

Associated products