France's largest urban cable car is equipped with DOORTAL doors

Toulouse is now equipped with the largest urban cable car. Composed of 3 stations, it connects previously underserved areas in 10 minutes.
Franchissant la Garonne et la colline de Pech-David, le traçé de 3 km permet d’alléger le trafic routier réduisant ainsi la pollution.

Station CHU RangueilStation CHU Rangueil
Portes pour infrastructure de transportsPortes pour infrastructure de transports
Locaux à grande fréquentationLocaux à grande fréquentation
Porte de guichet et ticket de transportPorte de guichet et ticket de transport
Photo espace atelier téléoPhoto espace atelier téléo

Products supplied:

  • 13 ISOPLUS 2.1 thermal door sets, most of them equipped with offset hinges and access control
  • 10 PYROPLUS 30 and 60 fire rated doors up to 3100 mm high with electric lock, 8 of which are equipped with offset hinges


2021 – 2022

Technical features & DOORTAL benefits :

  • Particularly well suited for transport infrastructures, DOORTAL door sets even those of great height, are perfectly suited to decorative coverings: thick sheet metal facings, continuously welded closed tube frame, high resistance offset hinges
  • In order to validate the implementation of cladding on fire rated doors, DOORTAL takes care of establishing special certificate with an approved laboratory
  • The doors maintains it's high level of finish over time thanks to the optimal anti-corrosion system and the 10 year warranty

Key players:

  • Project owner : TISSEO
  • Design, realization and maintenance: POMA Group

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